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About Sheetwater Kennels

Sheetwater Kennels is a small Licensed family-owned micro kennel located in Vanessa, Ontario. Our passion for breeding grew out of the love we had, and still have, for our first family dog. We were on the search for a dog that would be a great waterfowl retriever. Not only did Cali deliver on that front, but she made her way into our hearts almost instantaneously. She is a loyal and trusted companion who is very much a part of our family. 


All of our dogs are in a family setting and each family member treats our females and puppies as our own. Our females and some of the males are worked and tested in the field competitively. We started this all with Cali and have now grown in the hunt/companion and family dog world and would like to share our experience with loving Labrador Retrievers with everyone. Our goal is to produce and supply a start to finish positive puppy adoption process with a life time relationship.  Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime for questions. 

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